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n act of brewing, a brewing, ale, beer : fer tri fune, fer trí s.¤ `man of three brewings', BColm. 74.29 . sgeo sgeathuch `high' ale, Laws ii 32.16 = let fri suidhiud acht sco sceithach ni dlig dire naire, O'Curry 2448 ( Eg. 88, 36 (37)d ). Cf. sco .i. linn, ut est leth fri suidhe acht sco (sceo, v.l.) scethach .i. linn scethach ni dligh saire aire, O'Dav. 1489 . Perh. also in etymol. gloss: disce mblechta .i. scoi bec do blecht, O'D. 424 ( H 3.17, 325 ). See scoit.