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Forms: scuchad, doscuet

v (*to-scuich-? Cf. do-foscaig) moves: slige . . . doscuchad charpat sech araile, Corm. 38.26 (or leg. do scuchad , vn. of scuichid?) = doscuet, Corm. Y 1082 (see 1 téit). bai marcach ic airimrim a eich is tilaig: doscuiched dochum na hairechta, nolinged uadib, RC viii 50 . doscuicsed (doscuichsit, v.l.) don tír, RC ix 462 .

? fris-scuich

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Forms: friscuich, fris-cich

v (scochid, scuichid): friscuich comrac im Chnamchaill .i. fir scuichfid in roth ramach ..., Rawl. 111b47 . See RC xxvi 46 , where Stokes emends to fris-cich, fut. of fris-cing, q.v.


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x see in(d)scuchaid.

? scuich

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vn. of scuchaid: is mithig s.¤ dó hi trati it is time to finish it at once, Trip.² 2866 . ? na cairrge fá mhuigh Macha, | fairrge do sguir a sgucha (: Cnucha), L. Cl. A. B. 75.138 .