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n o, m. (1 sell) spectator, onlooker, witness. Occurs only in Laws in sense of one who is a witness to an illegal act (or, in one instance (see O'Curry 328 , below), to animals being in danger). Divided into four grades according to culpability (i) the s.¤ láinḟéich or s.¤ láin, (ii) the s.¤ leithḟéich or s.¤ leithe; these two are accessories to the crime, the second being guilty to a lesser degree than the first; (iii) the s.¤ cethramthainḟéich or s.¤ cethramthan is not an accessory but does nothing to prevent the crime; (iv) the s.¤ slán does all he can to prevent the crime. Some categories of people are, from their nature, regarded as sellaig ṡláin, e.g. women, clerics, and children. ataa[t] ceithre sellaig la Fene i[s] sain cach ae; s.¤ lan feich, ┐ s.¤ leith feich, ┐ s.¤ cethramthan feich, ┐ s.¤ slan, Laws i 240 . 24 - 26 . [sellach lan feich .i.] s.¤ dosli lanfiachu, fer tairdelba ┐ conimtet ┐ do comet ┐ buacdtair a gnim i tuaith, acht nid goin a lam, ib. s.¤ dosli lethfiachu ni tairdelbai, ni goin, do gni gnimu olchena, leth fiach fair, 242.1 Comm . s.¤ dosli cethramthain feich, ni tairdelbai; ni dena ni don[a] gnimaib seo, acht do caemthet nama, ┐ nad nurgair, ┐ na tessairg, 3 Comm . s.¤ slan ni tairdelb, ni dene ni dinaib gnimaib seo, ┐ gaibes oca cach nirt ┐ cach folud, acht do caemtet a heslinn co innill, co netarscarad friu i n-inill, 6 (i.e. he takes the part of the injured people as far as he can but he accompanies the perpetrator from the place of the crime to a safe place (without informing on him?). bit sellaig slana and chena .i. cleirig, ┐ mna, ┐ mec, ┐ aes nad meisi gona na anacal na urgair, ┐ eccuind ┐ escunid (sic), 10 . masa inann s.¤ urradh ro bai ac seilledh in marbtha ┐ sellach urrad ro bai ac seilledh in folaigh . . . cethruime eneclainni air i seilled cechtar de, iii 98.y , z 0 - 100.2 Comm . (of a case where a man is killed and the body hidden). mas inann s.¤ in marbhtha ┐ s.¤ in folaigh, cidh sain no inann fer marbtha ┐ fear folaigh, cethrimhe secht cumala ┐ cethrimhe eneclainne air ┐ seillcecht cechtar de, O'Curry 2352 ( Eg. 88, fo. 27 ). atáa ceithri sellaig la Féine .i. atait ceithri súltaig da naisneiginn in Feinechas, Laws i 242.13 Comm . cindus ro soich lanfiach for in s.¤ lain? .i. leth fair ar techt co maigin ┐ duthracht marbtha aici, ┐ cethruime fair ar sellcecht, ┐ cethruime eile ar coimitecht i mug leo i n-inill; cethruimi dona for in s.¤ lethi ar seillcecht, ┐ cethruimi ar coimitecht amuig i n-inill, 15 - 19 Comm . noco fo lan fir laime icus s.¤ a lan, acht fo lan a seillidh bodein fo aicnedh urraidh, no deoraidh `it is not according to the full (fine due) of the actual killer that the looker-on pays his full (fine), but according to the full (fine) for his own looking on according to rank, (whether it be that) of a native freeman, or of a stranger', iii 102.1 Comm . Where the crime is the swamping of a boat: is iat is lucht laime and lucht in combaiti, . . . is iat i[s] sellaigh ann in lucht ro bi na tost is in nae `the spectators are they who are silent in the boat', 252.11 Comm . is iat i[s] sellaigh ann in lucht ro bi ar purt ina fiadnaise, ┐ conicfaitis a tairmeasc `who were present on the bank and who could have prevented it', 14 Comm . nocon fuil aithgin d'ic do s.¤ co tarrachtain aithgina d'fir laime `there is no compensation to be paid by the looker-on until compensation has been received from the actually guilty person', 244.12 Comm . tigradus cach s.¤ ar aice midenum .i. in tan atcí nech mil oc dul i nocus do chuithe, no fo conu, no gataid, no gebé eisin[i]ll aili ┐ ni foirind ┐ ni inisind, aithgin fair, O'Curry 328 ( H 3.18, 180b ). See ZCP xv 344.14 . ? na ceithre righ-sabaidh ┐ na ceithre righ-sellaigh, O'D. 5 ( H 3.17, col. 4 ).