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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: srethad

v ā (sreth)

I Trans.

(a) spreads, disperses; disposes, arranges : sreath gl. seirn ( Fél. March 15 ), Fél.² lix . rosrethad gl. rosreth scel a chesta ( Fél. Aug. 25 ), Fél.² cxxvii . failgit no forbanait no srethait gl. sernait ( Fél. Aug. 31 ), ib. cach sochonn ... srethas (tṡrethus, v.l.) a már-moíni 'every competent person who disperses his great wealth', Contract Law 158 § 27 . ? fó searnad airechta .i. srethaig dligedh in airecht `who states the case at the court', Laws i 84.19 Comm . senchas E . . . . | rosrethad co sáer-aidble `has been spread abroad far and wide', Metr. Dinds. iii 340.26 . Luimnech, lethan in labrad, | rosrethad co sír-adbal, 270.6 . ro shreth . . . an banmilid a slóg imna scuru disposed her host, TTr.² 1700 . sreathais a scora fria taebh fhedha dithoghlaidhi `drew up his troops' (pitched his camp?), Marco P. 112 . ro-sernad ┐ rosreathadh an tsealg ar gach le[i]th lais, D IV 2, 42rb38 . an drong shreathas líonta ar na huisgeadhuibh, Isaiah xix 8 . iar ndul doibh ina mbarcuibh sreathais ainbhthine dermair fri aroili iat separated them from each other, Marco P. 149 . sreathaidh soighnéin teinntighe `spreads', Miscell. Celt. Soc. 378.2 .

(b) imposes, levies (a tax, etc.): do srethadh da fiched cét bo do Gallaib Atha Cliath for feraib Erenn, RC xviii 271.31 = ro sreathait, AFM ii 1160.5 .

II Intrans. spreads out, disperses; disposes itself: sreathait fora taebuibh `stretch themselves out on their sides' (of soldiers halting for night), Marco P. 56 . sreathaid lasna heascradaibh sin for culaib ┐ cernaibh na bruidni they disperse carrying those pitchers to the walls and corners of the hall, 79 . in cailli selga noghabhdais, dosreathdais 'na uirtimcill lamh fria laim they used to open out around it, 89 . fa'n sroll-mergi . . . fa srethait . . . slegha are arrayed, MR 196.7 . sreathaid go seascair i mbailtibh na saoirchléithe `range themselves snugly', Ó Bruad. iii 14.11 . Part. hilar n-adba . . . | srethaib sretta spread out in rows (?), SR 2475 .

Vn. srethad.