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n (with unlen. -d) (Lat. status, see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 218 ) act of stopping; stop, stay, delay : s.¤ a verbo staa .i. tairisim, Corm. Y 1180 . gnáth fúm ag sdad (of the body likened to a horse), Aithd. D. 91.6 . íoc bhar sdada `to undo thy neglect of me', 19.10 . an áil ribh s.¤ ? Oss. iii 102.12 . smuain ar so a n-am an phecuidh ┐ . . . benfaidh sdad eigin asad it will make you hesitate a little, Mac Aingil 23.8 . ní raibh s.¤ ar theacht a thiodhlac the flow of his gifts was unceasing, Keat. Poems 833 . gan s.¤ without pause, delay; immediately, incessantly, Mac Aingil 126.7 . Hackett xxiv 4 . Oss. iii 290.16 .