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n covering of straw or litter used as shroud or winding-sheet . Acc. to Meyer, RC xii 462 - 3 , a compd. of *stro < ON strá and *peiss < Lat. pexa. See, however, Marstrander, Bidrag 126 . seis strofaiss .i. cained. strophaiss in scuap bís immon corp ica thabairt dochum relggi, LL 161a marg. sup. sentainne ┐ senbachlach | rop seis srofais a crínfhess, 167b36 . = rop sēs rophuis a crīnfeis, with gloss .i. scuap adnacail, Corm. Y 1059 (92.15) = ses rapus, Corm. p. 37 = seiss [s]rafaiss, Bodl. Dinds. 41 . feis deit t'aonur iar sofs (leg. strofais, Ed.), ACL iii 2.2 n .