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Forms: —á—, —á—, tháirtheachtana, tarrachtana, tairrecht, toirrecht, tairecht, tarriucht, tairrecht, tarrachta, torachtain, tarachtuin, tárachtain, táirrechtuin, tárthachtain, táirthechtain, tárrachtain, toirreacht, —a

Mid. and Mod. Ir. vn. based prob. on several verbs. The long —á— is somet. fixed by rhyme, etc. in syll. verse (∴ dhílleachtaidh, IGT Decl. ex. 1325 . tháirtheachtana : áithneartmhara, DDána 89.8 ), but in older MSS. it is only exceptionally marked long ( Sc.M² 14.31 ). Perh. <*to-air-reth- (so Sc.M² Gloss. s.v. do-airret ), but the form with long —á—, if old, may be due to a compd. *to-ad-reth. The form may further have been influenced by torachtain, vn. of do-roich (ro-saig), with which it agrees to some extent in sense. See Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 610 - 11 , and II infra. g s. tháirtheachtana, DDána 89.8 . ? tarrachtana, Eg. 88 fo. 16 (17)b ( O'Curry 2221 ). The form tairrecht, toirrecht (: búachailleacht, IGT Decl. ex. 842 , cf. 845 ), which is similar in meaning, may be due to contamination : tairecht, AU i 428.1 (= tarrachtain , AFM ii 584.3 ). tarriucht, AU i 542.9 . tairrecht, 546.16 . ? g s. i setaib (sic leg.) a tarrachta , ZCP xv 318.3 . torachtain tarachtuin, ... tárachtain táirrechtuin tárthachtain táirthechtain tárrachtain , IGT Decl. § 148 . toirreacht (g s. —a), m., § 24 .

I In the ordinary meanings of the verb do-airret.

(a) overtaking, coming on, pursuing : soais Cairpri ... co tarachtain Meic Con, Anecd. ii 79.19 . bar tarrachtain uli oc denam ... merli, LB 116b21 . Cf. far ṅgabail uili ic meirle, SR 3568 . imsai-sium ... dia tarrachtain ... ┐ o nach tarraigh air, Aen. 181 . difoiche de da tarrachtuin `overtaken by an act of God,' Laws ii 8.9 Comm. gan tograim ocus gan tárrach[t]ain, MR 234.23 . a tairriucht creiche `in pursuit of prey,' AU i 542.9 .

(b) reaching, arriving at : do tarrachtain do leth ón muir do toghail na cathrach, CCath. 1908 . fōd for ro delbad mo leacht | isam ēcean a thaireacht `I must needs approach it,' Éigse ii 109 § 6 . meise is m'óige re holcaibh | móide an treise ar dtarochtain, DDána 11.4 . cin duabais eicin dia tarrachtain without being overcome by despondency, D IV 2, 57d4 . ciall in raind ... dursan dam a tarrachtain inní da tá that it should have come about, Acall. 3268 . do tairechtain tosaich to get to the front, TTebe 2355 . ? Here also (or to (c) ?) : ar cuit do t.¤ dún i n-erlaime, Sc.M² 14.31 (thairiuc, v.l.). Cf. sen corma dia tairechtain, YBL 126a7 . ? Of a well-directed shot : fria ré docuire urchar uait ... is den tairecht sin tra asberar taurthait no turachur, Corm. 43 = turacht, Corm. Y 1229.

(c) getting, obtaining, finding (in TBC in bad sense getting at, obtaining by a trick) : co tartaitis ceilc immon slóg fri tarrachtain drēchta díb dia n-airlech, TBC-I¹ 1462 . máeth n-áraig do tharrachtain do Meidb fair im chomlond, TBC-LL¹ 3236 . co tarachtain eniclainni doib acu, Laws v 86.12 Comm. gan díl a shainti do tarrachtain d'á trén-feraib, MR 250.19 . In Laws of the legal or illegal obtaining of fine or compensation : hi setaib (sic leg.) a tarrachta `aus den Wegen, worauf sie erlangt werden kann,' ZCP xv 318.3 =secht treaba la Feine adbaill a ndire a setaib i tarrachtain .i. iar na conuirib i tarrtaidhir iat co indl[igthech] according to the way it was obtained (?), Laws v 162.18 , 23 (text and Comm.). But cf. cenmotha seotu a tarruchtuin `except `seds' for immediate seizure,' ii 110.16 . Also in Laws of the finding of a guilty person or animal, evidence, etc. : cen tarrachtain colla `when the body has not been found,' iii 98.20 Comm. feis ┐ airlimanda co tarachtain iar maidin `feis-trespass and leaping over fences, so that they are caught in the morning,' iv 72.10 Comm. co tarrachtain fir laime `until the person actually in fault is found,' iii 230.4 (but: co tarrachtain aithgina dfir laime, 244.12 ). is anbal gach aon ar tuine tarrachtain .i. ar is anfial do gach aon tarraighter ina tuinid go inndligtech, iv 382.17 Comm. Cf. tuaslugud mo tire a tuinidhiu tarrachtain , ZCP xii 364.30 . ? ni impaidhter talam tar tartachtnaib .i. nocho nimpaidther in ferann on tí oca tarus é oca tomailt, H 3.18, 229b ( O'Curry 418 ). Cf. iar na tartachtain, Eg. 88, fo. 55 (56)d ( O'Curry 2649 ).

(d) seizing, grasping : sínes in Masilecdha an laim clé do tarrachtain na laime tescdha, CCath. 2062 . corbo mithig dó in claidem do tarrachtain , D IV 2, 43d38 .

II In senses possibly due to the influence of other verbs, but which can also be explained as developments of those in I.

(a) avenging (? infl. of compds. of 2 fích) : tarrachtain .i. dioghail, O'Cl. fri tarrachtain na macraide forro to avenge the boys on him, TBC-I¹ 1992 . ainech Ulad do tharrachtain (diogail, v.l.), TBC-LL¹ 4596 . ac tarrochtain forro in gnīma do-righensat, ZCP xi 65.10 . atō mar chimid i cip | do tarrachtain imid n-uilc to punish (?), vi 263.12 .

(b) saving, rescuing (? cf. fo-reith etc.) : do tarrachtain in droichit cen díscailedh `to seize the bridge and save it from destruction,' CCath. 1271 . dochuaidh thort mo tháirriochtain it is time for Thee to save me (?), DDána 11.23 . fád Dá Thí ... | a-tád ar tí a tháirtheachtana, 89.8 . roleic in ainmide n-galair cen tarrachtain , ZCP iv 390.5 . Eóin Bruinde bídh dom thoirreacht, IGT Decl. ex. 842 . anacal ┐ tairrtheachtain, Fl. Earls 58.11 .

(c) Various : do tharrachtain gona duine to compass the slaying of a man, RC xiv 242.28 . ag t.¤ aimlesa (sic leg.) De dogres (of two sinful persons), BNnÉ 321.33 . iar scís .i. iar tairachtain in feliri after the completion of, Fél.² ccvii gl. 38 . im thairiuc ... .i. im tairechtain na fiadnaise, Laws i 138.21 Comm. biadh do thairechtain don flaith `food is to be supplied by him to the chief,' ii 244.7 Comm. ? Cf. is la tir fris a suiditer dlegár ... a mbiadhad, a tairechtaib, i 128.16 Comm. See tairecc.