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Forms: tuairsin

n orig. n, f. ? (cf. tiruairse) remnant, remainder: cech óen in tshlúaig-se báid bil | bas t.¤ áir is airlig `everyone ... that is left after slaughter and havoc,' Metr. Dinds. iii 118.102 (tuairsin, v.l.). in tuairsi bec docuaid uad iar cor a n-air, BB 428b49 . Dairrbe Derg ... co tuairsi Ligmuine ┐ Fer mBolg, RC xv 298.14 . cach ceard a tuairsin (n p. ?), ZCP xvii 51 § 28 = ACL iii 227.28 . tuarsena tinmthi don ar `relics of the cruel slaughter,' Fen. 376.7 . do thidlaic in toicthi tuairsena bar tromnámad da bar n-indsaighidh good luck has brought the surviving remnant of the enemy to attack you, Caithr. Thoirdh. 125.4 . ní tugsad acht tuairsena bega do na h-édalaib uatha, Celt. Rev. iv 110.29 .