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adv (túas) (on) the left: arrobo thuaisre do ṡuidiu (i.e. Longinus) issed ropo desse do crist `what to him was the left to Christ was the right,' Thes. ii 254.5 (= tuathbel, LB 251a70 ). [ó d]essi co tuaisri, 256.6 . fuit illis duobus Ronan .i. a leath ō chind co fonn la ceachtair n-ai deisi (desre, v.l.) Domainguirt tuasri (sic leg. with v.l.) Manannain `... the right side from Domangort, the left from Manannan,' ZCP xiii 354.17 . See RC xliii 161 . Also the left hand: rogabastár éisi astuda a ech ina thūasri .i. aradna a ech ina láim in chlī, TBC-I¹ 1883 . ? triucha nena Find na feic | isséicse thuasre fa tuind (sic leg. ?), IT i 162.9 .