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n (= taeb + airecht) In Laws an assembly composed of `senchaidi,' `gēill,' and the guarantors called `rāith' and `aitire' (the a. proper consisting of judges and litigants). `Seitenversammlung': is ed is roairde ngotha and, ma[d] mo na lucht na airechta do cluin he, no a dul tar t.¤ amach, Cóic Con. 34 § 36. 62 § 4 . t.¤, is a suidi bit senchaidi ┐ ruirig ┐ géill ┐ rātha et aitiriga ┐ is aire is t.¤ fo bīth is fri senchus na senchaidi ┐ is fri rēllad na sencad dobeir int airecht tāeb, ZCP xii 359.18 .