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1 taigde

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n food, sustenance: taigdi .i. biad laithe, H 3.18, 79 ( O'Curry 138 ). See Dinneen .

2 taigde

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n probing, poking, investigating (?): adhnadh re taighde nach léigthear as a fire which by poking is prevented from going out (?), Ó Bruad. ii 204 . ó tharla gan chlann gan chreach | taighde a thruaghchuirp ní biseach to attack his miserable body would be pointless (?), 212 (cf. bíth gur gheallas don ghríbh ghlain | tochailt (sic leg.) an té nár ionmhain | ... | tar léine ní leanfad air, ib.). See Dinneen .