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n o, (n. later m., Sc.M² Gloss. ) vn. of do-airicc. Orig. perh. getting, obtaining (ScM.2), but seems infl. by tárcud and tárrachtain, q.v.

(a) providing, supplying: im othrus cach ain, hi tairec a lega, hi tairec a bid, hi tairec a thincuir, hi tairec a tige techta, Laws i 122.16 ff. im tincur roe, im tairec nairm, 150.12 . is eicin a naithgin do tairic ar aine the a. must be paid within one day, 182.12 Comm. biad maith do tairiuc, ii 244.2 Comm. Cf. biadh do thairechtain don flaith, 7 Comm. fri tairec do chisa to facilitate paying your tribute, RC xxv 26.12 . ? nistailged t.¤ tarba `no supply of gain appeased them,' Metr. Dinds. iii 4.29 .

(b) With gs. of tol ( desire, wish ) waiting on, pleasing, gratifying: ba fial Lugaid hi tich a aite fri tairec tuile dia oegedaib, Rawl. 126b34 . do thairiuc thuile do, 131a43 .

(c) preparing, preparation: .i. turgnamh, no ullmhughadh, O'Cl. do-deochatar ... d'innsaighidh in mórthairic do-rigned dóibh came to the great feast which had been prepared for them, ZCP xi 61.11 . cach tres bliadain fognídis [in t-aenach] ┐ dā bliadain fria t.¤ , RC xv 312.21 .

(d) Various: is maith lenn ar cuit do thairiuc ` get ,' Sc.M² 14.7 (ar cuit do tárrachtain dún, v.l., cf. Laws ii 244.7 , supra, and see tárrachtain). trebad im tairic `labouring for one's food,' Ériu vii 154.6 . Fiachu, fer na fuirec, | eter triathu tairec `he of the feastings and of banquets among princes,' Metr. Dinds. iv 74.86 . dligid tairec tunide, LL 345d31 (= toreic, toirec, v.l., Anecd. iii 14.25 ). dian in tairec (cheville), Anecd. i 57 § 61 . ar deirgtairic na maitne at sunrise (?), Laws i 66.9 Comm.