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n i and ā, [f.]. (to-air-mel-?). A legal term of obscure meaning. Perh. a payment or fine of some description, act of paying same: in bas discair, sena de, no imdenam fair, acht mane be frecra na comarba co rabatar re coiss i nuair tairmilti in gnimraid, ┐ mase amail ro soissed a sena no a imdenam doib cona tairmilti orra budein is a sena no a imdenam doib co na t.¤ airsium, H 4.22, 74a-b ( O'Curry 2098 ) = cona tairmiltair fein, H 4.22 72b ( O'Curry 2092 ). is e ... fastus tuarustul ac fer tairmelta ann, H 3.18, 296 ( O'Curry 605 ). amail do roise do fein a ṡena cona t.¤ air fein ro soich da sena conna t.¤ airsim, Eg. 88, 49 (50)c ( O'Curry 2583 ). dearbtuarasdal aicsina fuil ag fear tairmilta ann, ib. ( O'Curry 2585 ) = ag fir tairmilter and, ib. ( O'Curry 2584 ).