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n u, m. vn. of techtaigid. In Laws Comm.

(a) name of the process of taking possession of land, etc. , see the tract Din Techtugad, Laws iv 2 - 64 . The claimant entered a certain distance on to the land, taking with him animals (for grazing) and witnesses (the word somet. designates these rather than the actual process: acht t.¤ do breith `provided that he has brought the means of taking possession,' 4.15 ). The procedure was divided into three periods of ten days: a forba na cét dechmaide ... na dechmaide medonchi ... na dechmaide deigenaighe, 3.23 - 4.4 , the distance travelled and the number of the accompanying animals and witnesses increasing with each period. The requirements varied somewhat according as the claimant was a man or a woman: brig ... isi conmididhar banteallach .i. isi ro meisemnaigestar in t.¤ banda, 16.1 - 10 . ni bi i mbantellach acht co coirib, ┐ losat, ┐ criathar ... .i. ni dligtech do breith do techtughadh ferainn acht cairig ..., i 148.1 , 12 text and Comm. Possession was established at the end of the third period: is na teora dechmaid ata dligedh in techtaigthe ... dlegair de a crod uile do breith ind `in three times ten days the legal right of possession is to be conceded ... it is required of him (he has the right ?) to bring all his cattle there', iv 20.12 . In some cases (for grazing purposes only ?) the process was unnecessary: tir dibad coitcind, uair noco neicen apad teora ndechmad imesein, na t.¤ do breith indti; but land on loan or rented (?) had to be recovered in this way: in ferand do berar ar óin no ar fochraic, is ind berair in t.¤ , 22.37 . for oin tucadh in ferann sunn; ┐ atathar iar re na hona 'g-a techtadugh, v 496.y . Where no grazing was available, only witnesses were required: in ferann ac na bi faichthi re breith cethra ind da t.¤, amhuil ata Dun Araill, uair is daine berar da t.¤-side, iv 24.1 . For further details see Laws Gloss.

(b) More widely act of taking possession, appropriating (legally or illegally): a t.¤ na heaguilsi dóib sin uada `these are due of him for taking lawful possession of the church,' Laws iii 76.14 . flaith laiges tren-lige .i. beres t.¤ a ferann in ceile (of a chieftain who seeks to obtain possession of land by laying heavy burdens on the tenant), v 360.4 . masa t.¤ rucad isin ferann, is fiach techtaighthi tire ... ind ... Fiac techtaithe se ba do na huaislib `the fine for (unlawfully) taking possession of land,' iii 146.z - 148.5 . diamudh di-a t.¤ doib fein, ar fath dichelta `if it be to possess it for themselves' (of goods rescued from fire), v 300.13 . im cach mbandte .i. im cach techtughad mbanda ` female property ,' i 144.18 . Hence the phrases ar a mbi t.¤ which is in private ownership , ar na fuil t.¤ which is common property (of land, grazing, and various articles): in murain ara mbi techtughadh `the sea-grass which has been appropriated,' i 170.24 . cid ferann aili ar a mbi tectugad dechsat na hindilli `another land lawfully occupied,' iv 140.3 . ma ta teactugadh ar a claradh no ar chaelach na caelle `have been appropriated,' 186.18 . cia beth t.¤ ar in fid, noco dlegar a bith ar in fiad, uair is coitcenn do in cach inad, v 484.21 . ethar coitchenn ... ar na fuil t.¤ `of which there is no private ownership,' iii 208.23 . fer na tulach naibind for na fuil t.¤ , 296.13 .

Various: duine chindtaib a teallaig fo t.¤ , v 462.21 (text, but perh. interpolated gloss). mana roib a fis aici tellach techtaigi `knowledge of entry for possession,' v 462.25 . See 2 tellach. il-lúan brātha ic bertuccadh | techtogad roghabsator, ZCP vii 309.13 .