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Forms: —gh—

Mid. Ir. vb. from do-ecmalla, perh. under infl. of 2 teclaim, q.v. collects, gathers, assembles (trans. and intrans.): cethri mara ... | teclait isin sáebchuithe (Coire Breccáin), Metr. Dinds. iv 80.8 . o theaglaidh (? sic leg.; —gh—, text) Erind | co forudh na Teamhrach, Leb. Cert. 142.1 . in sluag tennso tecclaim | ebrainn ┐ elbeim, Gorm. May 12 . a tinól tenn teclat let them muster their strong assembly, March 6 . techail (? leg. tecail) in luaithread n-uli, PH 1269 . frisin mbéist ... imma rothecail ócbath ... thuascirt in domain, TTr.² 149 . ise thall rosteacail (sic leg.) | lochta imda in airchedail that brought together (i.e. summarised) the various faults of poetic composition, Lec. 162c27 . ? Here also: co tegail ben blicht bo finne ... .i. cinnas teglamas in ben blicht na bo finne, Eg. 88, fo. 17 (18)c ( O'Curry 2240 ).