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Forms: noborterpaid-si, rondegtherb, ro-terbod, terbabaid

v (with unlen. -b-). Late formation from perf. of do-eipen, q.v. severs, separates, sets apart: imper.: noborterpaid-si ... in far curadhaiu ... for leith go ye apart, Anecd. ii 58.1 . perf.: ní rondegtherb ria dremmaib it was not well (for him) that he separated from his troops, Metr. Dinds. ii 48.30 . fri Temair cid rodosterbb what severed them from Tara?, Rawl. 83b55 . Partholon rotherba thair | co mbeith ós Elga ... | Brea mac S. ... | fri hengnom fri hairm-dígail ` detached ,' Metr. Dinds. iii 112.25 . ro therba ┐ ro delidh Dia in t[s]oillsi ona dorchaib, Lec. 264c12 . rodosterbaiset fo leith | oenfer glicc di cach oentreib (of the twelve spies), SR 4653 . dorerpaidhsiot ... fo leith, Anecd. ii 58.4 . pass. is aire na ro-terbod I. ... fris-na hapstalu, PH 5317 . isin mais chruinn ... as' terpad in domun, Ériu ii 108.12 . trúagh romthearbadh sunn | rem shlúagh, BS 26.5 . fut. terbabaid ... a noemu ... ris-na pecdachu, PH 3633 . Vn. 1 terba.