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? tocaid

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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: tocad

v (used only in passive) destines: ma romthoicthersa inso rop ith ┐ mlicht adcear; manim rothcaither ropat choin altai ... adcear, Thes. ii 293.6 . `Attafēid dam amal sodain!' ol Conn. `Ni dam rothocad a rād fritt' ol in drūi I am not the one appointed to tell thee, ZCP xiii 372.27 . bes ro thacath dim, RC vi 175.32 v.l. = is ed ro cinded dam, text. ma ratocad damsa, Anecd. i 5.18 . rotogad (sic leg. with MS.) duit cairdes frie, Aisl. Óeng. 47.8 . is suachnid ni rodchadh (leg. rothcad) mo iccsa, Ériu xii 168.12 . má ro-m-thoiccthi (? leg. má ro-m-thoiccther) i n(dh)Í 'if I be destined to die in Iona', Betha Adamnáin 60.245 .

Vn. tocad.