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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: trefhoclae

n o, m. (trí+focal) type of poetry or poem containing both praise and blame which precedes and warns of a possible satire (UR 139 ): trefhoclae .i. tri foccuil bíte ind .i. dá foccul di molud do brith for culu ind imderggtha dofarci an tress foccul .i. foccul ind imdergtha ┐ aire trefhoclae i.e. three words that are in it i.e. two words of praise it gives after the reproach, which the third word causes, i.e. a word of reproach and satire, Ir. Gl. 104.17 . tre focal fócra, Laws iii 92.10 (cf. O'Dav. 806 ). in file echtar críchi a biathadh don rig in airet bes ag dénamh a tréfocail ... ┐ lucht na críche ro moladh ann, O'D. 906 ( H 3.17, 647 ). is airi do níther trefocul do fhine in cintaig ar daigh gur dilsiget a aerad, O'D. 965 ( H 3.17, 673 ). trefochlae techtae do filedaib `lawful trefoclae to poets,' Trip. 564.34 (= LU 9786 ). cach fer do sil Coirpri Musc dogní tre focal is grada ollaman dliges, Irish Texts i 20 § 9 . trefocul in so amal rocumsat na baird, Auraic. 1928 , cf. p. 258 . tlacht in trefocuil, 1960 .