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Forms: troscaid, troscad

v [ī ?] Also troscaid ā

(a) fasts: ri róaen, rothroisc co glé, SR 7573 . troisgim fá dhó san sabbóit, TSh. 9023.

(b) Most commonly of fasting performed in order to obtain a request or petition (a legal procedure in Laws, see Thurn., ZCP xv 260 ff. ): in ti troisces tar taircsin reir do he who fasts although satisfaction has been offered him, Laws i 118.4 . ro troiscset ule inna naim sin co rucad Dia breith etorro, LU 3122 . trosced tréde sund | a thol féin ros bia, 9919 . áitt i troiscitis na ríg | ... | na tísad teidm tír nÉrenn where the kings fasted ... that no plague might visit Ireland, Metr. Dinds. iv 156.146 . Various prepositions (usually transl. `against') are used to introduce the person expected to grant the request, while imm frequently introduces the request itself: trosscodh airiu an fer, Anecd. iii 25.8 . acht fo thri nico rotroisci ... .i. for artrig mac faelmuire im chaingin, Mon. Tall. 157.5 . ní formsa troiscess, Trip. 556.z . co troisced lais for Dia ṅdil, SR 1631 . trosgcis Mocholmōgc impu fair `M. fasted against him for it,' BColm. 92.12 . troisgfead oruibh, DDána 95.6 . ro throiscset na Cristaide fria Dia ... im a fhurtacht, PH 7258 . rotroisg ... re Cairill, ZCP vii 308.1 . gibe diobh do throisccfedh rim, BNnÉ 271.13 . coro throiscet ací, LU 1211 . troisg aige, ZCP vii 307.z . fili ... ro troisc aici, Fél. 166.21 . ro troiscsit im a bás, 204.6 . troiscid ... uime co tardad a rosc dó, Fél.² clxxi 14 . coro throiscset maithe fer nErenn im meic nÓida ... im húatigud na ndoine, Hy. i Pref. ( Thes. ii 298 ). dia troisce egluis im cáin, Laws iii 70.12 Comm. Note also: asren diabul neich ara troiscther aire the thing for which he is fasted against, Laws i 116.15 .

Vn. troscad.