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tuigen , tugan

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n ā, f. (cf. tugae)

(a) a mantle worn by poets, acc. to Corm. made of birds' skins (feathers?) (Atkinson, Laws Gloss., suggests that this may be merely for sake of etymology): t.¤ quasi togen .i. a toga ... aliter: tuighen .i. tuge ēn, ar is do chroicnib ēn finn ┐ ildathach dognīther in t.¤ filed ō a chris sīs, ┐ do brāigdib cailech loichen (lachan, v.l.) ┐ dia cuircib ō c[h]ris sūas co [a] mbrāigit, Corm. Y 1231 = Corm. 43 . samail in c[h]umduigh robāi im Senchān cenmothā a t[h]ughan (thugain, v.l.) suadh, Corm. Y 1059 (91.5) = stuighen, Corm. 36.17 . imun tugain suad bui ac Adna, Laws i 18.14 Comm. ciasu fili, fili imma li[g] tugen cona llī, RC xxvi 14.10 .

(b) mantle, covering in general: tugan martra, mind naire, | bratt nad ralad dar fathe `a martyr's cloak ... such as has not been cast over seers,' Metr. Dinds. iv 330.19 . a ttuighin m'fhir `in my husband's dress,' Ériu ix 4.37 . tugen a ngruad ` whiskers ,' CCath. 3602 . See tuignech.