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1 turtugud , turthugud

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n [u, m.] (cf. terthogu ?) protection, guarantee of safety, sanctuary (in particular during meals or banquets). `The right which a chief of household possessed of his house being sacred, so that it could not be entered, or his premises searched or entered upon, even in search of criminals, without special legal authorisation,' Manners and Customs i 294 . In Laws Comm. often glossed by fáes(s)am. a tabairt do snadud as tualaing a turtaigthi (of cattle), Laws i 92.2 .i. faesam dfacbail uirri .i. crui, 98.12 Comm. hi taurgaire (sic leg. ?) .i. brisid (-ed ?) turrtaige, 164.12 Comm. a mbrisedh a turtha `for the violation of his protection,' O'Gr. Cat. 79.4. ? isedh dod mbeir o hoine iar fud co taul aine ar na tair turrthughadh (` maintenance '), Laws i 218.21 Comm. secht seoit diri airech desa, ┐ turrt[ug]ud tresi `protection for three days,' v 30.16 .i. tressi a lanfhaesam bid ┐ fonadma, 22 Comm. ri ruireac, tri rig lais; ┐ turthug[ud] tri caictigis, 50.9 . coimdiri ollum fri rig ... ┐ turtugh[ud] mis do, 56.14 . athgabail tar turtugad cach duini bes tualuing a turtugad distraint in violation of the protection of every person who is capable of giving protection, 256.31 . is gnath is turrtugad do athgabail imirgi an emigration is in most cases a protection from distraint, 260.16 , glossed turbad, 262.8 Comm. turrtugud for cill ... .i. comairce .i. ni dligthech don ri turtugad for cill na for a comarbad gen na cennaichthi do ic fris in cill. No ni dlightech don ri turtugadh for a tuaith gen dechmada ┐ primide ┐ almsana do ic fria (i.e. a king cannot oblige a church to give sanctuary without paying its dues etc. ?), O'Curry 1061 ( H 3.18, 439a ). turrugud for cill. Má do rigne in duine comairci borblachais ar in eclais no ar in cill, is diablad in neich atá do tuata itir pennait ┐ éric ann forced the church by violence to give him sanctuary (?), O'D. 1627 ( H 5.15, 16a ). ted turrad la fogail .i. ted in comairce deisim la fogail do denam do muin na comairce, O'Curry 1763 ( 23 Q 6, 36a ). Note the distinction in: dethbir itir turrtugh[ud] ┐ torbaidh ┐ faosam. In turrtugh[ud] .i. re ollmuithe an bidh. In turbaid .i. re a caithmhe. In faosam .i. iar na cathamh, O'Curry 2651 ( Eg. 88 fo. 55 (56)d ). turtugadh imorro .i. ré fedh urgnamha in bidh ┐ comairce in aired bes a caithemh a mbaile ┐ faesam dana, iar fagbáil in baile, O'Curry 1386 ( H 3.18, 630a ). cisa Mumhan ... smacht ┐ biathadh ┐ t.¤ ┐ faesamh, Leb. Cert. 60.14 v.l. (turgnumh, text). t.¤ breth, Tec. Corm. 14.27 v.l. (turfhochraic, text), glossed .i. timpud, O'Curry 1299 ( H 3.18, 539b ) (2 turtugud ?).

Of ecclesiastical injunctions: tar t.¤ Émine Bhain ┐ tar a miscaid, Anecd. i 44.14 . tar turthughad nDé, ii 14.23 . tar t.¤ nDe ┐ Patraic, iii 25.14 . M. ... do mharbhadh ... tar turtughadh naomh nErenn, AFM ii 756.7 . Cf. dar tertugadh a ffileadh (sic leg.), Hugh Roe 162.17 .

See 2 turtugud .

? 2 turtugud , turthugud

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n [u, m.] force, violence, compulsion (?). Perh. merely a misinterpretation of 1 turtugud , the glosses in O'Dav. and O'Don. referring to protection by force as opposed to peaceful protection: a turt[ug ?]udh .i. per uim , O'Dav. 1154 = asranar alle a lleos a toil a tolud a searbud (.i. argaid) a saitiud (.i. sermonibus) a turt[ug ?]ad (.i. ar écin) a togaothad (.i. do udéin), O'D. 2228 ( Nero A vii, 153a ). turt[ug ?]ad .i. coimēgniugud, O'Mulc. 866 . tortughadh .i. coimhéigniughadh, O'Cl. trí fuchachta nad increnat slabrai: a gabáil ar écin, a sleith tri mescai, a turtugud do ríg `her being violated by a king' (protected ?), Triads 155 . is é innsin do rochair lais d'á breisim bruide, ┐ d'á thurthughadh troch `overpowering of wretches,' MR 292.4 .