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1 uim , uimm

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Forms: uim, uim, uim

n m. bronze : uim .i. uma, Corm. Y 1273 ( uimm, LL 179b ). O'Cl. uim .i. umha, ut est cim uim olus nuim, O'Dav. 1609 (= cimm uim olas nuim hi puincerne puinc, Corm. Y 304 ). g s. sgiath ōir ┐ imell n-uim (: muir), ML² 2002 (ML has n-úimh: túir, but the accent is perhaps wrong in both words). uim .i. úmha ` brass or copper half refined from the ore ,' P. O'C.

2 uim

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Forms: uim

n ` earth ': uim .i. talamh, O'Cl. uim (v.l. uaime, umh) talamh go ttortaidhe, Metr. Gl., Ff. 67 . uim `.i. talamh the earth rather um q.v.,' P. O'C.

Compd. ¤chrith `an earthquake ,' P. O'C.