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uth , úth

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Forms: uth, uth

n m. an udder : úth bó `a cow's udder,' P. O'C. uth .i. ōn tshuth .i. ōn loimm asberar, Corm. Y 1283 . uth (gl. mammula), Ir. Gl. 102 . uth (gl. uber), 1056 . trí aithgine in domuin: brú mná, uth bó, ness gobann, Triads 148 . mad se a huth uile ro milled and, ... mas iat a ceithri tsine ro milled and, Laws iii 364.12 . mas e a huth is easbadach uirre (of a mare), 374.1 . is amhlaidh fuair é, ┐ uth mór bainne aicce (of a kid), ZCP x 16.17 . an capall amail in boin iter erball ┐ indfad ┐ uth , Laws iii 378.10 . mas as in uth talladh in lacht, ... mas as in lestur, 230.5 . in tainmrainne geabus in sine isin uth `the proportion which the teat bears to the udder,' 366.6 . cor' delbsat ... .ccc. bo cranda co lin[n]paitib dubodraib ina [n]gablaib ar son delae .i. uithi, Dinds. § 46 .

Cf. ineth cethri mbó bith i n-uth dond rechtaire, ZCP viii 316.9 .

Metaph.: (of something weak and worthless ) cia dober in nertsa? Conachta. nisnagamur, or se uth bo bruithi sin `a boiled cow's udder are they,' Ériu v 238.114 = uth bó bruithi do bior a baramail do cathbhuidnib ... Connacht MR 124.9 . ? drech ollaman, huth curudh, ZCP xii 364.24 .

Compd.: ? uith-brig (` udder-strength ' Plummer): trí cheat bó cona n-úith brigh (: Duibhthriuin) `with their distended udders,' Leb. Cert. 172.17 (v.l. co nui brigh).